脸 and Body Mist

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Refresh your skin with a 喷 of our 脸 and Body Mists. Use them to tone, hydrate and refresh the 脸, body, hair and spirit.



You’ll love how these feel on your 脸. They tone, hydrate and refresh the skin. Distilled on our farm from herbs that we grow, they are lightly aromatic waters from plants, also called 水溶胶s or hydrolats. They are naturally pH balanced to skin so help restore your skin’s natural pH. Try them after exercise to refresh, or on irritated skin. This is a great spray to use as an aftershave 喷 too.

Use on the 脸 or all over the body (even linens). Spritz your hair before brushing to smooth the cuticle, soften hair and decrease frizz. Use directly on linens (薰衣草 for a good night’s sleep). Use on airplanes for hydration.  Spritz 薰衣草 to calm yourself during a rough day at work or 薄荷 to stay alert.

We typically have 薰衣草, 玫瑰, clary sage, 薄荷, tulsi, 黄瓜 and 柠檬香油. They come in a plastic spray bottle and contain a mild preservative so you can keep them in your purse or on your vanity table. This product is vegan. These are a wonderful aromatic treatment for the mind as well as the skin.

Key ingredients: – These products are made by distilling herbs grown on our farm and contain only that water portion of the distillation and a mild preservative made from aspen bark which allows you to carry them with you rather than refrigerating. 1 or 2 oz spray.

Clary Sage – emotional support, especially for women Rose – hormone balancer, good moisturizer for dry skin, promotes balance, try it on yoga mats

Lemon Balm – great for rash, skin irritations and after-sun use.

Mint – uplifting, can increase alertness and concentration (keep on in the car and by the computer).

Cucumber – astringent and moisturizing, cool, refreshing and firming.

薰衣草 – great to 喷 on skin for inflammation, sunburn, and itching. It is also refreshing and calming and can help improve mood.

坦蒂 (Holy Basil) – a sacred Indian herb. It is used for stress, anxiety and to increase energy.

You might want to try our Distillate Set with 5 random distillates to try http://test.www.gbby.net/product/Face-care/distillate-set/ For more information on these products read:  http://www.sagescript.com/distillates-about

如何使用: Spray on your 脸 after cleansing. Also use anytime on the body, 脸 and hair for hydration and refreshment. Take them on a plane trip. Spray on the hair before brushing to help smooth the cuticle, soften hair and decrease frizzies.

Additional information

重量 .6磅

Contains pure water distillate from the specified herb and Populus Tremuloides Bark Extract (aspen bark), a mild and safe preservative.
No need to keep this refrigerated, you can take it with you.

5评论 脸 and Body Mist

  1. Mary Somerville

    This is very light, and soothing. It has a pure 薰衣草 scent that is wonderful! Love all the ways you can use it.

  2. 朱莉娅·穆赫辛尼经常 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the Rose Mist. This spray is such a lovely and welcoming addition to my morning routine.

  3. 劳伦 (verified owner)

    伟大的! 爱的玫瑰

    • cindyj

      伟大的! Glad you like it.

  4. 山姆

    我喜欢这些. My favorite is the 坦蒂. As a full time yoga instructor I sometimes have long physical days. These 雾s are the perfect thing to freshen up my mind and body. I keep one in my yoga mat bag.

  5. 维吉尼亚SHULL

    Absolutely LOVE these! Gives my 脸 some moisture AND I get the benefits of the herbs.

    • cindyj

      So glad you like the 脸/Body Mists Virginia. We love distilling them in the summer.


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